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Welcome to School Days OC/Fandom Wiki.

School Days (SD) is an Online Comic created by Krezz Karavan. SD is (c) Krezz .

OC = Original Character; characters created by others in the creation of fan work.

School Day's large following has prompted many fan fiction (fanfic) creations by other authors and artists.
Such fanfic work is (c) to their creators, and characters borrowed from Krezz Karavan's SD are (c) his.

Many fanfic stories are located on SD's PAL Comix's Forum Website.

This wiki was created to promote, organize, and preserve the Original Characters (OCs) and other various fan-works created by fanfic authors and fanartists. Only registered Authors/Artists can add to and edit the SD-OC Wiki.

Continue with research on the SD OC Wiki for:
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