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Fernando G. © Elfen
Artstyle copied from Krezz Karavan.

Created by: Elfen, for Summer Days and other stories by him
Full Name: Fernando Gutierez

Family: Rachel Gutierez (adopted sister), Jorge Olya-Gutierez (1/2 brother by same mother), and "Grandma". Mother lives in New York City.
Friends: Rosita Baez (deceased), Rachel Rodriguez, Catherine Township, Mary MacAlpine, Jeanie Chin, Juanita Trickland, Katherine Township, Grace Crambrilian and Francis Rodriguez.

Sex/Gender: Male
Age: 13 (born on 02/02)

Eyes/Hair/Fur: Light Brown*/Black/Light Beige

Height: Weight:

Nationality/Race/Species: New York City born Puerto Rican Flying Squirrel.

Appearance: Medium curly black hair, with angel (colour changing) eyes, thin but slightly muscular build. Always walk with dark glasses and a eye-seeing cane.

Handiness: Ambidextrous. (writes and signs with his right though he can switch hands at anytime.)

Intelligence: 180 IQ, Genius Level on a bad day! Scored 210 several times, but tested lowered when retested again to see if it was a fluke on the exam. Labeled as a 'Child Prodigy' in Math, Science and Music.

Orientation: Straight

Eye Colour: Fernando's eyes colour are built up of several concentric iris colour bands (known as 'Angel Eyes') starting with Grey on the outermost ring, then Yellow, Green, Red making the largest but inner most ring. From a distance of a few feet they look Light Brown, but up close one can distinguish the the separate colour bands that makes up his irises. They also glow in the dark under right conditions.

Depending on the blood flow to his eyes, the irises appear to change colour but this is really from the swelling of the tiny capillaries inside the irises, adding or subtracting red to the colour mix. His eyes can shift to nearly all Yellow, Green, Red and even Purple depending on the mood and condition he is in.

Angered | Rage
Happy | Excited
Sad | Crying
Ill or Sick

Fernando's cane

History & Personal Data: Due to so-called accidents, fights and his genetic birth defect of being light sensitive, Fernando has to wear dark glasses and use a eye-seeing cane. Though he can see, the dark glasses blocks out 99% of all incoming light. Fernando’s eyes is so sensitive to light, taking his glasses off on a bright sunny day for 1 second will be like having 10,000 camera flashes go off in his face and he would be totally blind for a week. Thus he is blind at times, and other times he’s not. But since he’s so used to the handicap, you could not tell the difference on which state he was unless he told you. At school, Fernando was a Music, Math and Science Prodigy, and was pushed into classes for the talently gifted. But with gangs in the streets, and jealously running high, Fernando was always set up to fail. While trying for the gymnastics team, the equipment breaks and he is hurt.

Fernando's glasses

Another time, the chemistry lab blows up while doing a simple experiment. And going home, he needed to fight the 4-block distance to his house from assorted gang members kept him fit and fight ready. With Martial Arts Classes only able to take him so far, his mother decides to stay in NYC, teaching Fernando how to use a gun and let him have one on him for self-defense. The grandmother did not like this approach so she moves the family to Pouncefeild at the end of the school year. In arguing, why did the grandmother not move the family to their Native Puerto Rico, her answer was, “I’m not exposing my #1 grandson to the politics over there!” Along with his family, his girlfriend’s family also moves to Pouncefeild for the same reason of safety. Strangely enough, Fernando is shy around girls to a point. Being raised in a female household with no father figure in site was one reason. The other was the loss of his first girl friend due to Leukemia (See Rosita entry). Since her death, he wants to be left alone and wont show his talents and abilities as he once did. To get him to do so requires the effort of pulling teeth, which his mother has all given up on but not his grandmother, who uses a different approach. As girls go, he does respect them and has them as friends, but as for girlfriend type relationships are concerned, except for his sister Rachel, he sort of gets drafted into them. Strangely enough, Fernando got his flying squirrel traits from his father, a man his mother wants nothing to say about him, but who his grandmother speaks highly of. Speaking of his grandmother, she only speaks Spanish but understands English well. The children are bilingual.

Fernando's gun.

Personal Items:

  • Mac Powerbook Laptop Computer
  • iMac Desktop PC
  • Samurai Blade Collection, current at 8 blades: 3 Katanas, 3 Wakizashis and 2 Tantos, all on a wall mounted frame. He has 1 loose Tanto which he carries if he feels he needs too for self defense, though he can take any blade from the display and use them accordingly.
  • A Raven .25 cal pistol given to him by his mother as the gang situation was getting worse in their former home city (New York City). Chances are he wont be using it in Pouncefeild, thus it will be boxed away in storage, if not mounted for display with his samurai blades.

Character Notes: Fernando has a set of Angel Eyes- irises made up of concentric rings of different colour. From far, they seem Brown and can shift from red to yellow and purple; purple when sick. The colour shift depends on his emotional state, which increases/decreases the blood to his irises and that causes the individual ring colour to shrink or swell. His irises have 5 concentric rings of colour, starting from center and going outward: Red, Green, Yellow, Grey, and a thin line of Black where it meets the white of the Scerla. If you known him well enough, you will learn what each colour means. Then again, you have to have him take off his glasses to see them, which a few have had.

Due to his past relationship that ended badly for both, Fernando is uncertain about present and future relationships. As most guys would pounce on some pussy freely offered to them, Fernando would hesitate and wonder if its the right thing to do, often requiring the girl to make the first move on him. Its not that he's shy, its that it might be possible that he is afraid of emotional attachments; even to his little sister.

Fernando has an interesting vocabulary use as certain words he says or spells are not of American English but are either British English or Phonetic Spellings thereof. Words like; tomarrow (tomorrow) and colour (color) are just a couple of a larger set that he uses. No one knows here he got this from but its part of his intellectual make up.

Author's notes: Permission to use is not required but should be requested.

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Fernando G. & Rachel G. © Elfen
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Artstyle copied from Krezz Karavan.
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